How Cyntra's Swyft mPOS Helped Shoppers Stop Process $8.5M+ in Transactions in Under a Year

Shoppers Stop is a renowned fashion and lifestyle retailer in India with over 214 stores in more than 40 cities across the country. The retailer has built its reputation on offering fashionable, high-quality products with excellent customer service. Shoppers Stop's online shopping platform is accessible to customers worldwide, making it an attractive option for those seeking quality fashion and lifestyle products.

Simplifying Checkout with the Handheld 

Swyft mobile point-of-sale (mPOS)
device has proven to be a game changer for retailers, with its ability to simplify checkout and enhance customer experience.

Space management - The Swyft mPOS is an incredibly compact and space-saving device that takes up minimal space. This is particularly advantageous during peak hours, where space is at a premium and efficiency is key. By using the Swyft mPOS, Shoppers Stop was able to create a seamless checkout experience that significantly improved customer satisfaction.

Easy and accessible installation - The Swyft mPOS is incredibly easy to install and use. The device is designed to be plug-and-play, meaning that it requires no complex setup or installation process. By implementing Swyft in their stores, Shoppers Stop was able to significantly reduce the cost and time involved in routine sales activities, freeing up staff to focus on other important tasks.

Faster turnaround time - With Swyft, the checkout process is faster, more efficient, and more streamlined than ever before. This translates into significant benefits for both customers and staff, with wait times reduced and transactions completed in record time. In fact, in less than a year, Swyft processed more than $8.5 million in transactions and enabled Shoppers Stop to handle 9% more customers per day.

Reduced costs - By using our handheld, Shoppers Stop was able to significantly reduce its costs. The compact nature of the device means that it requires minimal physical infrastructure, reducing the need for costly renovations or upgrades. Additionally, the increased efficiency of the checkout process means that staff can focus on other tasks, further reducing costs associated with staffing and training.

Improving operational efficiency with the Handheld

By using software that only needs a mobile network, businesses can cut infrastructure costs and stay adaptable to market changes. This modern approach allows for agility and competitiveness in today's fast-paced world.

Efficiency - Our innovative solution promotes efficiency in various aspects of shopping, allowing businesses to adapt to modern market trends. This can positively impact a brand's reputation in the competitive market.

Improved Customer Experience - Accessibility and variety are the two essential factors that enhance the overall shopping experience. Our solution streamlines the checkout process, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers. This is particularly important in competing with online shopping portals.

Smooth Checkout - Our handled solution allows checkout anywhere and anytime in-premises, reducing counter rush and providing a smoother checkout experience. The mobile point-of-sale system speeds up the checkout process and eliminates the long lines at checkout counters.

Freedom of Mobility - During festival seasons in 2021 and 2022, Shoppers Stop witnessed a 10% increase in transactions. Our solution is scalable and customizable, providing the freedom of mobility to customers. By simply plugging in, customers can enjoy a seamless checkout experience, saving time and increasing revenue for businesses like Shoppers Stop.

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The Challenge: A Need for Smoother Checkout Experience

Shoppers Stop is known for its quality products and customer service, with over 185 stores located in more than 40 cities across India. However, with the increase in the number of customers, the checkout process became slow, leading to long waiting times and unhappy customers. Additionally, the infrastructure cost was also high, and there was a need for a cost-effective solution.

The Solution: Cyntra's Swyft mPOS

When Amazon acquired Perpule, Cyntra came to the rescue of Shoppers Stop. They started using Cyntra's Swyft mPOS in early 2021, and Cyntra helped them with the smooth transition. Swyft mPOS is a smaller device that takes up less space and provides a smoother checkout experience. It is easy to install, and it helped reduce cost and time implications on the routine sale activity. With Swyft, the checkout process became faster and more efficient, resulting in $8.5M+ in transactions in less than a year. Cyntra's innovative solution helped Shoppers Stop adapt to a modern way of shopping, reflecting efficiency in market trends.

The Benefits: Space Management, Easy Installment, and Reduced Cost

Swyft mPOS helped Shoppers Stop in multiple ways. It takes up very little space, making it beneficial during the rush hour, providing a smoother checkout experience. It is easy and accessible to install, reducing cost and time implications on the routine sale activity. Swyft helped reduce wait time and increased the number of customers handled in a day by the Shoppers Stop team by 9%. Furthermore, Shoppers Stop could save on infrastructure costs as they did not use any physical infrastructure to use Swyft.

The Objective: Improved Efficiency and Customer Experience

The objective of having an mPOS is to improve efficiency and customer experience. Swyft's mobile checkout system helps break up lines by eliminating them at the checkout counter, providing a smoother checkout experience. It also offers a better shopping experience to customers, especially to compete with internet portals. Shoppers Stop could manage everything in one location and receive real-time sales data, daily reporting, and invoice reports thanks to Cyntra's seamless integration solution (using SAP PI/PO Process and their AWS features).

The Result: Improved Customer Service and Increased Sales

Cyntra's Swyft mPOS helped brand employees to start the customer journey faster and more easily. They could focus more on providing services rather than getting no time to process the outcomes that are rapidly asked from them due to increased customer base and slow checkout process. With the easier adoption of technology, Shoppers Stop could save time and cost. Shoppers Stop saw an increase in sales, and the use of technology played a significant role in handling the increase.


The integration of Cyntra's Swyft mPOS helped Shoppers Stop with seamless integration of modern-day shopping services into the already existing and effective foundation. It helped them manage everything in one location and receive real-time sales data, daily reporting, and invoice reports. Swyft's easy installment and space management helped reduce the infrastructure cost, and its mobile checkout system provided a smoother checkout experience, resulting in increased sales. Cyntra's Swyft mPOS is an excellent solution for businesses that want to improve efficiency and customer experience while reducing cost and time implications.

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