What's New in India's F&B Industry? AAHAR 2024 Reveals!

2024’s maiden quarter has been quite eventful in the Indian F&B sector as well as for Cyntra

Cyntra made its debut at AAHAR 2024, one of the largest international fairs in the food and hospitality industry, held at Pragati Maidan, Delhi. It provided us with a monumental platform to showcase our product ecosystem. As a first-time participant, we seized the opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge solutions that are going to change the food and hospitality industry in the coming years. AAHAR International Food and Hospitality Fair 2024 recorded 3,00,000+ attendees, with 1800+ participating businesses. The event concluded on March 11, 2024.  

The event was a fantastic opportunity for industry professionals to connect, share knowledge, and create new business partnerships. Dedicated B2B zones facilitated focused interactions between potential buyers and sellers. 

Similarly, Cyntra’s booth was divided into an experience zone and an interactive showcase zone; where the former provided hands-on experience of the product ecosystem and the latter demonstrated the seamless flow of an order through the Cyntra product ecosystem.  

Our product showcase in partnership with SUNMI clearly demonstrated how our innovative solutions can revolutionize the traditional dining scene. Businesses saw how faster order processing and reduced wait times enhance customer satisfaction. 

Besides metropolitan F&B pundits, this focus on efficiency at an affordable cost was a major draw for businesses from tier-2 Indian cities, which often lack exposure to innovative, tech-driven problem-solving approaches. These businesses saw an opportunity to simultaneously tackle long order queues and streamline operations, all without breaking the bank. 

The most sought-after product at Cyntra booth was BREEZ, our flagship self-service kiosk with conversational AI. BREEZ, being a line-buster with speedy checkouts, attracted a huge gathering wanting to make orders verbally and explore the kiosk’s interactivity. 

Its intuitive user interface allowed visitors to navigate through its functionalities smoothly, making the entire ordering process an enjoyable journey. Its conversational AI capabilities facilitated quick and accurate order placements and provided smart upsells based on individual preferences. Despite the bustle and noise engulfing AAHAR, BREEZ self-service kiosk processed verbal orders of the visitors coherently. It drew their keen interest until the completion of the order. 

Our QR menu ordering platform and SIGNA digital menu display followed BREEZ in popularity among the visitors. The visitors found our cloud-synced visuals engaging, while placing orders on their phone effortlessly. 

As newcomers to AAHAR, we left the event brimming with valuable insights into the future of the Indian F&B industry. We learnt that India still hasn’t fully embraced the potential of retail technology and automation in its food and hospitality sector. While there's a growing interest in such innovative solutions, there's also a significant portion of the market that remains untapped. Moreover, the food and hospitality industry want the onus of ordering to be shifted to the customers. That way, businesses can focus on order completion rather than slow and often inaccurate order-taking.  

We hope, in the future, you join us in this exciting journey as we work towards shaping the future of food and hospitality in India and beyond!

Authored by:

Shailendra Khurana

Chief Technology Officer, Cyntra.AI


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