Revamping Burger King’s Retail Operations with Cyntra

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of retail, the significance of a holistic and cohesive retail technology suite cannot be more obvious. Therefore, achieving optimal operational efficiency and customer satisfaction necessitates the digital transformation of retail chains across various industries. 

This is a case study of how Burger King, one of the world's most recognized fast-food chains, leveraged the power of Cyntra's advanced retail tech to revolutionize its multi-store operations and fuel its growth.

The Challenge 

In over 300+ locations, Burger King India was looking to optimize its store operations and adopt a real-time centralized reporting system due to the lack of customizable up-to-the-second reports. 

Their existing outsourced reporting model was falling short in several areas, including delayed inventory tracking, inefficient cost control, and brand inconsistency. This ultimately led Burger King to poor strategic decisions.

   The Cyntra Solution 

    Cyntra stepped in with a suite of products tailor-made to address challenges faced by Burger King        India. Over a period of four months, Cyntra implemented a comprehensive mix of solutions across          122 Burger King restaurants, encompassing: 

  • Astra's live reporting and analytics 
  • Order management solutions 
  • Retail integration 
  • IoT-based controls for brand protection 


Live Reporting and Analytics

Utilizing Astra’s live reporting and analytics platform, Burger King gained access to real-time, comprehensive reporting on sales, inventory, labor, and delivery. This dynamic system offered crucial insights and comparative data on a week-to-week and month-to-month basis, enabling quick data-informed decisions. 

The visibility of employee role-based and region-based metrics was increased additionally through Astra. Fetching of date-based transaction details from region to store, to single check was made possible. Implementation of Astra’s reporting and analytics features took around 4 months. ​

    Retail Integration

     A third-party platform, Aloha, was integrated with the present Cyntra ecosystem for Burger King. It         connected in-store and digital ordering channels with contactless payments for customer                       convenience. The system employed real-time alerts, handheld POS technology, and advanced               analytics, allowing for synchronized management across all service points including takeout and           curbside pickups. Furthermore, it ensured offline payment capabilities and a transparent payment         model. This integration was an extension to live reporting and analytics.

Brand Protection

Cyntra implemented IoT-based controls for managing temperature-sensitive processes such as:

  • Deep fryer oil change 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Operation of chillers and deep freezers 

These measures provided an extra layer of protection to the brand by ensuring the highest food quality standards and consistent taste across all Burger King locations.

Order Management Solutions

Cyntra implemented smart kiosks for quick orders, an efficient payment system to enhance transaction security, and promotions program functionality to personalize customer offers. These tech-centric applications streamlined order operations, boosted customer trust, and amplified loyalty, thus aligning perfectly with Burger King's commitment to superior customer experience. 

   The Results

    Cyntra's comprehensive retail tech offerings significantly enhanced the efficiency of Burger King’s          operations. 

       1. Real-Time Decision-Making Capabilities  
   Astra’s live reporting and analytics enabled Burger King’s real-time decision-making capabilities.           Higher degree visibility and filtration of transaction details helped Burger King to make informed             decisions on the fly and optimize processes, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings. 

        2. Optimized Store Space Utilization 
   Efficiency and reduced queue wait times were achieved through the effective optimization of store         space utilization using Cyntra’s Order Management suite. This resulted in swift operational                         turnaround times. The improvement enhances the overall customer experience by minimizing                 waiting periods and ensuring a seamless and efficient service flow. 

        3. Enhanced Brand Protection and Quality Consistency 
   IoT-based brand protection controls implemented by Cyntra ensured quality consistency across all       Burger King locations. This contributed to customer satisfaction, fostering brand loyalty, and                     upholding Burger King’s high-quality standards. 

        4. Decreased Order Processing Time with Kiosks 
   Implementation of kiosks resulted in a significant decrease in order processing time. It enhanced the     customer experience and increased the turnover rate, allowing Burger King to serve more customers     within the same time frame. 

        5. Advanced Payment System for Improved Transactions 
   The advanced payment system implemented by Cyntra improved transaction speeds and built             stronger customer trust through enhanced security measures. It enhanced the overall flow of Burger     King’s business and instilled confidence in their payment processes. 

        6. Promotions Driving Customer Loyalty 
   Cyntra's targeted promotional solutions have proven highly effective in driving customer                           engagement and loyalty, resulting in a measurable increase in customer loyalty. This success is             evidenced by a rise in repeat customers, showcasing the significant impact of Cyntra's promotional       strategies in fostering strong customer relationships and encouraging ongoing patronage. With             tailored promotions, Burger King has successfully captured customer attention, incentivizing them to     choose Burger King over competitors and creating a loyal customer base that contributes to long-         term business growth. 

        7. Improved Order Accuracy and Resource Utilization 
   By integrating the Aloha retail solution, Burger King experienced enhanced order accuracy and               reduced wastage, leading to improved resource utilization and increased profitability. This seamless     integration enabled Burger King to streamline their operations, ensuring that customers receive their     orders accurately and efficiently, while also minimizing food and resource wastage. The optimization     of these processes not only improves customer satisfaction but also contributes to cost savings and     overall operational efficiency for Burger King. 

   Following the results, Kiran Komatala, the CIO of Burger King, commended Cyntra’s initiatives. He             reviewed, "We are able to visualize our business data like never before. Cyntra's advanced analytics       LIV reporting app is a powerful tool." 


Burger King’s journey with Cyntra demonstrates how innovative retail technology solutions can revolutionize business operations. With our advanced tools for inventory management, AI-powered quick checkouts, and especially live analytics, we enabled Burger King to operate more efficiently and effectively. With global presence and expertise in retail-tech, Cyntra is more than ready to help businesses elevate their retail game. Are you ready to transform your retail business? Connect with us today and get started on your journey towards operational excellence and accelerated business growth. 

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