Transforming Rhino Rugby Pop-Up Stores: Cyntra's End-to-End Solution

Rhino Rugby, a provider of rugby gear and sports team apparels, successfully implemented an end-to-end solution for its pop-up stores using Cyntra's diverse solutions. This case study highlights the challenges faced, the solution implemented, and the resulting benefits achieved by Rhino Rugby following the implementation of Cyntra’s solutions.

The company embarked on opening more than 20 pop-up stores to expand its reach and offer its products to a wider audience. However, it encountered challenges in finding a comprehensive solution that could efficiently manage its pop-up stores while ensuring real-time connectivity and operational efficiencies

The Challenge 

With the goal of rapid expansion, Rhino Rugby needed a solution that could be implemented quickly and seamlessly. The company also required a scalable point-of-sale (POS) system that could handle the increasing demand and inventory requirements associated with its pop-up stores. The need for a swift and scalable POS system was further reinforced by long customer queues and staff shortages.  

   The Cyntra Solution 

   Rhino Rugby partnered with Cyntra to transform its pop-up store systems. Cyntra's platform             provided an end-to-end POS solution, connecting various aspects of Rhino Rugby’s retail                   functions in real-time.  

   RFID Thread 

   RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in retail harbors massive potential in streamlining sluggish     sales processes that hinder business profits and customer experience. Rhino Rugby's operations     were significantly upgraded with the integration of RFID technology. 

   Each item was tagged with a washable RFID thread or tag, a smart label that contains                       electronically stored information. These threads can be scanned remotely using an RFID reader       within 100 meters which in turn increased the speed and efficiency of inventory tracking and             control.  

   Furthermore, the RFID system enabled real-time visibility of stock levels. The accurate and                 instantaneous data procured from RFID tags allowed Rhino Rugby to optimize their supply                 chain, ensuring products were always available when and where they were needed. 

   Most important of all, the utilization of RFID threads simplified the checkout process. Instead of         scanning each item individually, the RFID reader could simultaneously scan multiple items in a       shopping cart. 

   In the realm of loss prevention, RFID tags act as a deterrent against theft. Upon unauthorized           removal of merchandise from the store, RFID sensors would trigger an alarm, thereby reducing       incidents of shoplifting. RFID tags also implemented anticounterfeiting systems in place, where       only goods with valid tags would be passed into the warehouse.  

   Lastly, the data collected from the RFID system provided valuable insights into sales trends and       customer behavior.    



Cyntra incorporated a robust payment processing system and promotional capabilities into Rhino Rugby's pop-up stores. It helped smooth transaction management and promotional activities.  

Backend Support 

Cyntra's platform facilitated efficient inventory management, customer profiling, and digital receipts. This streamlined retail activities and enhanced the overall customer experience.  

Leap POS and Astra Reporting & Analytics 

Rhino Rugby leveraged Leap POS for efficient point-of-sale functions fueled by RFID technology. The RFID scanners at counters ensured frictionless checkouts for multiple RFID-tagged products in one go.  

The set-up utilized Astra Reporting & Analytics for live sales reports and inventory insights. This real-time data empowered Rhino Rugby to make data-driven decisions and optimize its pop-up store operations.  


By implementing Cyntra's end-to-end solution, Rhino Rugby achieved the following impactful results:  

  1. Revenue Growth: Rhino Rugby processed over $800,000 in sales through Leap POS in just one quarter, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the solution in driving revenue growth. Through improvements in inventory accuracy, acceleration of checkout processes, reduction of theft incidents, and the provision of insightful analytics, RFID technology has significantly amplified profitability at Rhino Rugby. It's a vital investment that continues to yield robust returns. 

  2. Revolutionized Stock Management: Implementing RFID tags, Rhino Rugby now has immediate and precise data on inventory. This tech advancement has substantially enhanced stock control and mitigated issues of overstocking or stock-outs, thereby minimizing wastage and reducing storage costs. 

  3. Cost savings: By implementing RFID technology, Cyntra reduced the need for multiple counters to clear out multiple long queues. This minimized Rhino Rugby’s human resource budget. Costs related to inventory management were also reduced as the cataloging process was made virtually instant and easier. 

  4. Streamlined Supply Chain: With RFID providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, Rhino Rugby has been able to optimize its supply chain. This assures timely product availability as needed, which not only prevents loss of sales due to stock-outs but also elevates customer satisfaction. 

  5. Expedited Checkout Process: By leveraging RFID's capability for simultaneous scanning of multiple items, Rhino Rugby has dramatically slashed customer wait times at the checkout counters. This has enhanced the overall shopping experience, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.   

  6. Faster Checkouts: RFID-powered Leap at counters made checkouts almost instantaneous. All this radically enhanced the customer experience, which if sour can result in the abandonment of purchases.      

  7. Improved Operational Efficiencies: The solution improved open-to-buy productivity, enabled supply to be closer to demand, and simplified receipts management. Additionally, Rhino Rugby experienced improved inventory accuracy, leading to better stock management and reduced discrepancies.  

  8. Enriched Sales Data Analytics: RFID technology has made it possible for Rhino Rugby to extract detailed insights on sales trends and customer behavior. This wealth of information facilitates informed decisions regarding product placements, targeted promotions, and accurate demand forecasting, ensuring efficient resource allocation.  

  9. Fortified Theft Protection: RFID threads at Rhino Rugby serve as an advanced theft prevention mechanism. The system triggers an alarm upon any unauthorized removal of merchandise, thus effectively lowering shoplifting occurrences and safeguarding profit margins. 


Cyntra's integrations and backend support proved to be a game-changer for Rhino Rugby's pop-up stores. The seamless connectivity, RFID thread technology, real-time reporting, and operational efficiencies enabled Rhino Rugby to achieve speed to market, scalability, cost savings, and improved revenue growth. 


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